Thursday, July 14, 2005

Oral Surgery

My wisdom teeth are being removed tomorrow morning.

I went in today for my scheduled appointment, (I made it last week before being fired) my first in like 6 years (since the Air Force), and other than needing a cleaning rather badly and needing a debridement because I have six years of buildup, I'm OK. I have literally zero cavities (I've only ever had one in my life, when I was six, and I had supernumerary teeth, so I've never had an adult cavity).

Oh and of course the wisdom teeth. I've needed to get them done for years, they have decayed from the inside out, and are really rather painful, but they arent impacted or abcessed, and they fully erupted... so basically it wasnt critical until now. Anyway, I asked them to schedule me as soon as possible so I could get in before I have to go on COBRA. A $300 co-pay is a hell of a lot better than a $2000 full pay, and GOD do I need them done.

So if I'm a little loopy (... OK loopier than usual) tomorrow, that's the Vicodin talking.