Sunday, July 31, 2005


Ok, this has got to be the best thing I've ever read about driving around trucks (as in OTR combination tractor trailer vehicles exceeding 10,500lbs GVWR)

Mike’s Rules Of The Road

Reader Eric Parsons thinks that my list of stuff for long distance car trips is overkill; and for some of it he's right; but that list is based on my own personal experience crossing the country by car dozens of times. I've needed everything in my car at least twice.

Specifically, some of those items are for driving through the small mountain highways off the interstate, and on backline county roads. Generally speaking, the interstate is a far less exciting place so to speak.

Although I'm not a commercial truck driver, I HAVE been a courier driver (local and interstate), a security driver, an executive driver, and a roadie for a long haul mover. I've probably logged 4 or 5 times as many miles as the average driver (oh and for Mike, I HAVE been to Bondurants, and Barber, and a couple other. Great times.).

Just as an example, in the last year, during which time I have not been employed as a driver, and I lived at most 20 miles from my place of business, I have driven about 30,000 miles (which considering gas prices.....). Much of that was in long car trips (all around AZ, nor-cal, tour of Utah, tour of CO, trip to TX etc...).

Now think about a long haul truckers road time for a second: My long haul friends tell me they do at least 125,000-150,000 road miles per year, and that's well below maxium.

If you're on O/O (0wner Operator) working as many days per year as you can cram in, at up to 800 miles per day (assuming they keep vaguely legal), you can break in to 200k territory, maybe even 250k (if you're loaded all the time and have no life). If you're team driving you might do 50% more than that.

Think maybe they might know a little bit about driving?

H/T: Eric Parsons