Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Objects of lust, a quickie edition

Okay, I jsut want the hell out of one of these:

Thats an S&W model 25, in .45lc, with a tapered barrell, and cocobolo grips...

DAMN that's sexy.

I used to have one of these:

And man, it was one hell of a wheel gun (18 oz, 7 shots of .357... good combo). I had it's all stainless brother the 686p as well, and I MISS them; but I just LOVE the .45lc round.

I don't know why, it jsut always seemed like the ideal revolver round to me. Aand with modern guns, and handloading, you can push some DAMN fine numbers our of one.

Besides, that model 25, would be a great companion piece for this:

But I think I'd want mine blued, with cocoblo furniture to match the 25 (oh and yes, that's an alaskan co-pilot takedown, available in everyting from .357 magnum, to .50 alaskan)

UPDATE: Kevin Baker is buying himself the very model 25 I want... bastard