Monday, July 25, 2005

Having a great time

Well I've had a great weekend with Jim and his girlfriend. I've just about convinced them to move down here...

Or rather I HAVE convinced them to move down here, but I've jsut about convinced them to do it now, instead of a year from now.

They'll be here the rest of the week, and posting will continue to be light to non-existent.

Oh and for those of you not paying attention, they are dropping like flies from the heat out here. Sure, it's only 115; but combine that with 60-80% relative humidity (we're hitting our monsoon) and thats just not fun.

JohnOC and I took Jim out shooting yesterday, and we kept telling him "drink more water, if you dont gotta piss, you gotta drink", especially since he had ... overindulged shall we say... on red bull and vodka the night before. Genius ended up puking most of the day yesterday which of course means YOU NEED EVEN MORE WATER.

For all that, he didnt do too badly for someone who hasn't shot since he got out of the army almost 8 years ago; specially since he has a cross eye dominance problem (left hand, right eye).

Anyway, as the day goes on, Jims still not drinking enough water, because he says "but I jsutn puke it up again"... again not understanding that means he needs to jsut FLOOD his system with water (or preferably gatorade, or at least eat salty food), and he's getting more and more miserable. Oh and of course he hasnt kept any food down either.

Of course Jimmy being Jimmy, he insists that he can hang with it...

So we go pick up my brother, who is also Jims friend; and we head out to dinner, and the dollar chip poker tables... well after a couple hours, my brother and Jims GF are just DYING to go out and bar hop for the night.

The look of pain and nausea on Jims face was priceless.

Here's a tip for you folks, just about the worst you can possibly feel without a major illness or injury will result from combining alcohol poisoning, heat stroke, dehydration, and low blood sugar.

Do you see why I love this man?