Friday, July 15, 2005

Missed my 50k mark, but got my 200k mark

Today... errr yesterday now since it's exactly midnight... I hit 200,000 unique visitors to my combined main website and blog (the Japanese flood pushed me over sometime in the afternoon).

Of course thats counting the close to 150k visitors I had from the 10+ years I've had my personal web site (12 actually, but 10+ on my own domain. Before that it was on my colleges site).

For just the blog itself, it looks like sometime around Monday I went over the 50k mark for unique visitors. Thats since February 14th 2005, so call it 5 months. I knew I was getting close, but I wasnt keeping an eye out, and I missed it.


Also some time in the next week I should hit 100k page views on the blog. I have no clue about the main page.

I'm averageing something like 400 or so uniqe visitors per day, and two page views per visitor, so hey, that's something.

Now if NZ bears statistics wouldnt jump around so much every day (272 links to 154 in 1 day???).