Friday, February 18, 2005

Eric's random musings: Why I'm a Liberal

I just found Eric Cowperthwaites page through his fine comments on this blog, and I say, go, read, be enlightened (yes, it's a catchphrase, I'm hoping it will catch on).

Eric's random musings: Why I'm a Liberal

The greatest complement I can give him is that reading this page, I could have written it myself. Same thing for most of his "when I wore green" posts, though of course in theory I wore blue (Air Force), but most of the time I was in green (actually most of the time I was covered in brown, but thats another story entirely).

Oh and I'm a Heinlein fan myself, and a FIRM believer in the TANSTAAFL principle.

Hell were both even security managers (I'm an independent contract Information Security and Systems Architect, Engineer, Administrator, and Manager. Just to keep the recruiters happy with a broad description ;-)

Eric is hereby added to the Blogroll of Doom!