Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Withdrawal from the Kyoto treaty?

Today is the day that the harmful/useless feelgood transnational socialist piece of bullshit commonly known as the Kyoto Protocol Treaty goes into effect.

I've heard a couple people say things like "Evil BushHitler withdrew us from the Kyoto treaty", or "It's good that we withdrew from Kyoto" etc...

Actually there was no withdrawal, and it had nothing to do with Bush.

Although the president is empowered by the constitution to negotiate treaties, (and Clinton had a negotiating team in Kyoto), the presidents signature on a treaty means nothing unless it is ratified by the senate.

Under Clinton, the senate refused to even hold a ratification hearing for kyoto. I don't recall if there was ever a motion to vote it up or down, or if it was just a motion to consider the treaty, but either way it was voted down resoundingly (as in 80-20, but its 6:40 am and I'm too lazy to look it up).

Even if ALGORE had been elected we STILL wouldn't be in the kyoto economic death pact, because the senate said no.

This puts us in company along with at least 140 other countries BTW. In fact there are only 30 signatories, out of somewhare around 190 nations (I forget the official total, and as I said, it's too early for research). India and China didnt even bother showing up, and they are BY FAR the biggest polluters in the world (combined more than 10 times as much as the U.S., of course they also have about 10 times our population).Even better, only 2 of the 15 EU signatories have said they will fulfil their Kyoto requirements.

But of course it's all Bushes fault, because he hates the environment and thinks the faster we destroy the world, the faster Jesus will come.

Yeah, right, sure, go hug a tree ya idjits.

Tell ya what. If you have spent a month total in your life sleeping in the woods and mountains away from "civilization" eating that which you can find and/or Kill (and I have), THEN you are somewhat qualified to speak with me about the conservation of the environment. Do your research, read the science (not the agenda papers, real science), and then we can talk O.K.

If you fly in a private jet, or are driven anywhere in a limo, just shut the fuck up.