Sunday, February 20, 2005

Adsense sucks

Okay, so I signed up for googles adsense just to get the search box. It's been up there a week, I specifically registered the blog for indexing, and STILL I get no results found for a site search.

Even better, the supposedly intelligently selected contextual ads... they keep giving me ads for liberal causes, liberal bumber stickers, liberal web sites etc... So apparently they DO index my page enough to find the word liberal and give me liberal related ads, but that doesnt allow them to actually produce useful search results?

Maybe I should just remove the word liberal and replace it entirely with commiestatisttransnationalprogressivistcocksucker. At least that's a keyword I don't think they'll find anywhere else.

Update: Ok so they still suck, but at least now my site search is working.