Wednesday, February 16, 2005


My internet has been down for 10 of the last 12 hours. I am a certified internet addict.

This is a bad combination.

All my neighbors were out too, but Cox refused to file a service outage report until 3 people called it in, so five of us all got togetther and called withn 5 minutes of each other, around 6 oclock. They promised they'd have it fixed with 2 hours.

So I went out to the casino with my brother and won $75 at blackjack, got a pizza and a few beers.

I get back around midnight, still not done. I called Cox up, and they said "Oh there was an outage report, but showed up as cleared 2 hours ago. We can get you a service call on thursday".......... Yeah, that's not gonna work. I have internet and telephone meetings all day today (tomorrow, whatever) for the job hunt, and I use vonage for my phone so I NEED the net.

So I got three of my neighbors whoe were still up to call again, and they finally got us back up

Anyway, it's 5:20, and sleepy time for me.WAYYYYYY more content comoing up in a few hours when I get up.