Monday, February 14, 2005

Surrealism and the job market

I just had one of those weird experiences you sometimes have when hunting for a new job.

My old job was just presented me by a recruiter, who didn't know it was my old job.

I've actually had this happen a lot (I'm in a pretty tight business), but it's always striking when it does. A little jarring disconnect that makes you giggle as it were.

The previous job was a contract, which ended very successfully and well. I'm no longer with the company that I contracteed to the client with, but that separation was... screwed up, but not in a way that would mess with future employment prospects.

Anyway, the NEW job is to manage, and expand the infrastructure that I spent nine months designing and building last year, and it's with the same team I had then, who I get along great wtih, have been shooting with, socialized with etc...

So I'd say I've got a pretty good shot at this one. I shall update as and when I recieve further info.