Monday, February 14, 2005

Ya know, I would be pissed off, but....

"Ward Churchill: Right to Speak Out; Right About 9/11


Ward Churchill has a right to speak about 9/11.And Ward Churchill is right about 9/11.I state that bluntly, even though I disagree with some aspects of the University of Colorado professor's now-infamous essay, because so many (including some on the left) have defended his First Amendment rights while either remaining silent about, or condemning, the article's analysis.So, for the record: The main thesis Churchill put forward in "'Some People Push Back': On the Justice of Roosting Chickens" is an accurate account of the depravity of U.S. foreign policy and its relationship to terrorism."

Honestly, I want to see as much of this commie lefty bullshit out there as possible. It will only hasten the downfall of the left.

I can't wait to hear their whimpering "But we were right, you sold out to the capitalists, they fooled you with their microwaves and SUV's, we were betrayed by the people".

So bring it on lefty fucktards. Let the moonbattery wash over us in a great stinking wave, and let the democratic party collapse utterly and completely, as it so clearly deserves.

Let me expand on that idea a bit. We currently have a two party system where one party is doing it's very best to kill itself. The current democratic party only appeals to the fatherst left 20% or so of the American populace (and of course those with similar attitudes abroad). They are losing, or have lost their largest traditional political base, that of blue collar labor.

And of course, when you have a party in power without effective opposition, you get things like the patriot act, the marriage amendment etc...

I think the best possible thing for the country right now would be for the Democratic party to fail utterly, and split into several smaller parties. This could leave the way open for a stronger, currently third party (like say the libertarian party)or perhaps a coalition party to emerge, or it could lead to a new, stronger democratic party without the far left elements that drag it down today. Perhaps a democratic party of men like Joe Lieberman and Zell Miller (the last conservative democratic still in politics), that rejects the blame America first last and only crowd.

I actually saw a Boxer for president in '08 sign online today. I can't imagine a greater windfall for the republican party than Barabara Boxer as the nominee in '08 (not that it would ever happen). The Republicans could run J.C. Watts or Alan Keyes against her and still win in a walk.

The McGoverns and Deans have taken over the Democratic party, and it's not long before it's the Michael Moore's in charge; Then we'll see jsut how relevant the Dems are to what the American people want.