Saturday, February 19, 2005

He Gave the Last Full Measure

From: Kim

You may be familiar with Kim's "Walter and Adam fund", where supporters donated to help provide supplementary suplies, and care packages for Walter and Adam, and the soldiers they serve with.

A car bomb exploded in Mosul on Wednesday Feb 17, 2005 killing a soldier who many of us online helped support.

U.S. Army Sergeant Adam J. Plumondore, 1st Bt. 24th Inf., Ft. Lewis Wa, age 22, entered the service from Gresham Oregon.

Requiescat In Pace Sgt. Plumondore.

I'm sure kim will update us as and if any news becomes available. I expect the Walter and Adam fund will be converted to a memorial fund.

I have one more thing to say:

Where the fuck is Prag Tewari when you need him

Update: Here is the web site of Sgt. Plumondores recon platoon

The pictures and commments are kind of tough to look at.