Saturday, February 26, 2005

Strong Childhood Memories

I was looking at this retrorush retrospective on theme songs, and I found something I had been searching for for some time.

In case you hadn't noticed, I'm something of a pop culture junky. This is going to sound incredibly silly, but I collect Starblazers stuff. Not Space Battleship Yamato BTW, theres plenty of that stuff available from the j-pop-culture market, but actual starblazers stuff.

See, Starblazers is actually the very earliest cartoon I can remember ever watching, twice a day on Channel 56 in Boston as a little kid. That theme song is DRILLED into my head, and finally, I have managed to get a high quality, full length version, to sit alongside Battlestar Gallactica and the TNG themes in my playlist.

Download and lyrics in the extended entry...

For anyone interested, here's the highly illegal copyright violating download of 'The Quest for Iscandar', the theme from Starblazers

For some reason it reminds me very strongly of the Russian national anthem, as sung by the red army choir.

Of course I HAVE to share the lyrics with you now that I've shared the theme itself.

The Quest for Iscandar

We're off to outer space
We're leaving Mother Earth
To save the human race
Our Star Blazers

Searching for a distant star
Heading off to Iscandar
Leaving all we love behind
Who knows what danger we'll find?

We must be strong and brave
Our home we've got to save
If we don't in just one year
Mother Earth will disappear

Fighting with the Gamilons
We won't stop until we've won
Then we'll return and when we arrive
The Earth will survive
With our Star Blazers

We're off in outer space
Protecting Mother Earth
To save the human race
Our Star Blazers

Danger lurking everywhere
But we know we've got to dare
Evil men with evil schemes
They can't destroy all our dreams

We must be strong and brave
Our home we've got to save
We must make the fighting cease
So Mother Earth will be at peace

Through all the fire and the smoke
We will never give up hope
If we can win the Earth will survive
We'll keep peace alive
With our Star Blazers
Honestly this whole theme song retrospective is worth checking out.

Now I need to grab the themes to MacGyver, Dallas, Hunter, Spencer, L.A. law, Matt Houston, Simon and Simon, Riptide, and a better version of the A-Team. Oh and from the 70's gotaa have S.W.A.T.

I've already got Airwolf, the dukes of hazzard, the fall guy, Magnum P.I., The Paper Chase, Night Court, Barney Miller, and Nokie Edwards doin Hawaii 5-0.

Actually if anyone has high quality versions of any of these drop me a line. Mine arent so great. Most of them are available here, but they are in .RA format, and I want .mp3