Wednesday, February 16, 2005

I am a crunchy crustacean

In the TTLB ecosystem.

Meaning that I actually have some traffic after only tree days of having a blog, mostly thanks to my friends at the Nation of Riflemen, Kim DuToit, and the readers of The Smallest Minority, SondraK, The Whatever, and Publicola, where I am a frequent commenter and contributor.

Aint referrer logs cool?

That and I seem to be getting a lot of google traffic, but I'm not a sitemeter pro member, so I don't know what search terms they are using.

I used to use extremetrack (thats where the first 148k hits I had were, from the hits on my main page of the past 5 years or so), which showed a lot more detailed stats for free, but sitemeter is what TTLB uses, and what the Alliance of Free Blogs use (or is that uses? Alliance is a singular term but made up of plural members so....) so here I am on sitemeter.


My aspiration, to be a floppy bird.

UPDATE: I am now a Crawly Amphibian. Soon, SOON I will be a Flappy Bird, BWAHAHAHAHA!