Thursday, February 24, 2005

Coming soon...

Theres a bunch of things coming up in the next few days that I really need to get the motivation up to post.

1. A loooong post about inherent vs. constructed rights
2. Some more gun talk
3. Talking about some favorite books and movies
4. My recipe for the worlds greatest chili
5. A meat sauce that you can eat as a meal all by itself
6. Turkey potato soup worth killing for
7. More job stuff
8. Talking about the misrepresentation of rights, especially of gun rights, in episodic television
9. Talking about sleep deprivation, and sleep patterns
10. Other random stuff

I said in the comments on one of my first posts, the biggest problem I'mna have here is throttling myself. When I get on a roll, I could pretty easily post three 2-3 thousand word rants every day, and somehow I don't think that would increase my readership.

I've noted that my favorite blogs produce 1-2000 words a day, generally broken up into four or five posts. I tend to be a bit wordier, without even realising it. For example, I figured this little post would be maybe a paragraph, but it's turning out to be about 250 words.

Maybe I need an editor. One who WONT change the meaning of everything I say like my last editor.