Wednesday, March 23, 2005


It's funny, I really love shocking liberals and socialists.

I'm a genius (by the numbers anyway), I have two degrees, I was born and raised in Boston, and my family was in Massachusetts politics. I write poetry and magazine articles. I've read everything they have. I'm not a christer.

They expect me to agree wholeheartedly with their liberal socialist groupthink, but I hate everything that they stand for.

Here's the thing, I actually know that theres a difference between right and wrong, that judgement isn't a bad thing, and that thinking for youself is a very good thing.

I know that collectivism, "progressivism", marxism, maoism, and communism in all it's forms is EVIL.

I know that enviromentalism, as practiced by the environmental movement is nothing but fear mongering and class warfare; or worse, it is the subterranean agenda of a death cult that believes all human life should be destroyed, exept the priviliged few who can "live in harmony with nature".

I know that feminism achieved all it's real substantive goals in the 70's, and has been taken over by socialist man-hating harridans who teach women that all sex is rape, and that only lesbian love is legitimate; So legitimate in fact that "The Vagina Monologues", which glamorizes lesbian rape (14 year old girl with 30 year old woman, that's rape) has become the seminal cultural expression of the feminist movement.

I know that the only path to freedom, and to real equality, is through equality of opportunity, the cornerstone of which is equality under the law. Setasides, quotas, preferences, minimums, maximums, incentives, extra credit, and eased standards are ALL WRONG.

I know that coerced diveristy is a completely llegitimate concept, exclusively designed to promote those wrong preferences in a more pallatable way. No matter how you clothe it, it is WRONG.

I know that western cuture is the greatest that earth has ever seen, and will continue to be so for the forseeable future; that in fact if we were forced to live in the other cultures being pushed on us by socialists, most of us would die, which I believe is what they want.

I know that the constitution says exactly what it says. It is not a living document. It doesn't change to suit the needs of society every day.

I know that the constitution does not grant rights, it affirms them, and restricts government form infringing on them. I know that those rights our ours by nature, and cannot be taken or limited; but by force, or by willing consent.

I know that I, and only I, am responsible for myself, and for my actions. The government isnt responsible for me, my parents arent responsible for me, society is not responsible for me. If I fail it's my fault, if I succeed it's my achievment.

Most importantly, and most aggravating to the collectivist, I know I'm right. I don't think it; I don't have an idea about it; I dont have a consensus of my peers supporting it; I know it.

I'm right, they're wrong, that's it.