Thursday, March 24, 2005

!£$%&$!£$%'@; Bushmaster clinton crippled mags

Does anyone know how to remove a bushmaster 10rd mags baseplate?

My mags are getting filthy and I want to clean them, but I cant figure out how to get the damn thing off without drilling it out.

Have I mentioned lately how much I hate Democrats, and especially Motherf***ing Bill F***ing Clinton?

Oh, and I already tried popping the follower out between the lips and trying to get at it from the inside. No dice, take a look:

"Not easily modifiable to hold more than 10 rounds" actually meant something to Bushmaster I guess; that stupid plastic block is part of the baseplate, and takes up half the mag body.

Colt OTOH made it kind of a joke. With my colt mags all I did was pop the baseplate off, and pull the sheetmetal spacer out, instant 20rd mag.

Oh and yes, now that the follower is out it's gonna be a bitch to get back in. I'd rather just drill the damn thing out. I've got half a dozen of these things to do as well YEARGH!!!

How the hell did they ever expect to be able to replace springs, or followers? This is an AR, followers break, and wear out.

Again with the Clinton hating.