Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Hell of a day

Yesterday was one hell of a day.

Thanks to a front page link from gun blogger in chief (and friend)Kim DuToit, an instalanche on the Carnival of Cordite, and new front page links from maybe 10 other libertarian bloggers (thanks guys, glad you liked it), I hit just under 1000(994) uniques yesteday. That's about four times my average, and I went from the bottom of the flappy birds, to the top. I just need four more links to get into the mammalian categories as an adorable rodent.

Kind of a funny thought, a guy my size being an adorable rodent, but I'll be in good company.

More in the extended entry...

Unfortunately neither sitemeter nor blogger can tell me how many of you listened to the audio, but I hope at least a few enjoyed it. Obviously I'm pretty passionate about what I believe.

Oh and equally obviously I need a new telephone headset. That headset sounded like crap.

So now I need to grab hold of my newfound audience and not let go. I guess that means I'll have to keep the quality up, which is gonna be pretty tough considering how much effort time it took me to write "The Politics of Liberty" (about 12 hours in fits and starts, for 2200 words), but I'll do my damndest. I finished cranking that one out about 9:30 am yesterday, having been awake since 8 am the previous day, during which times vast quantities of both coffee and whisky were consumed.

As I mentioned before, I dont think quantity will be an issue. I would write that much stuff every day no problem. Of course if I did it would probably all be bitching about socialists liberals and pop culture....

Wait a second... There's an idea...

Coming up today, a little bit about just taxation, a new recipe for real men, hopefully an update on the job hunt (wish me luck, the next interview is at 11:30), and other random blather, not necessarily in that order.

Thanks for reading, and remember, linkwhore me to everyone you come into contact with, because I would do it for you.