Thursday, March 31, 2005

You Ever notice....

Sometimes life repeatedly and vigorously kicking you down the road like a mexican childs plaything, with perhaps an extra ball kicking or three thrown in for good measure, is EXACTLY what you needed?

I have managed to get more done in the last two weeks than I have the last .. I dunno since Christmas probably.

Sometimes you just get stuck in something and you need that painful application of boot to head (NYAH! NYAH!).

I always was better in a crisis, and under pressure. Something about my personality I guess.

This week I got most of my bills paid at once (thank you everyone for your help there), started losing weight, joined a gym, fixed some things around the house, and fixed some things on the car.

Tomorrow I'm going to the final spring training game between the Redsox and Diamondbacks with my brother,; who BTW, makes the Jimmy fallon character in the (guaranteed to be horrible) American re-make of Nick Hornbys "fever pitch" (what the hell were they thinking there I'll never know) look like a piker... or a white sox fan.

This weekend I'm renewing my CCW. I didnt have time to get it done before until the grace period expired, and so I have to take the whole thing over again (16 hours, plus a range session, usually $110 + $65 to the state for the permit fee); but I got a half price deal on the course from a guy I did a favor for (Dan Furbee of Ultimate Accessories, good guy), so off I go this weekend.

Not that I would ever carry illegally. I obviously willingly disarm myself during this time when my permit has been expired.

I've still got more to go, and I still have the job situation to work out, and all that weight to lose; now I just need to sustain that motivation.