Tuesday, March 22, 2005

I have GOT to get me one of THESE!

It's a 7.62x39 chambered, AK magazine converted, synthetic stocked Enfield Jungle Carbine. I can think of no better, handier, more rugged, cheaper to shoot, general purpose boltie than this.

And for you more traditionalist types there are other versions, like this original style tanker carbine:

Or this beautiful sporter, with a custom walnut stock:

And then theres this ugly but useful little bugger here:

I'm definitely thinking a synthetic carbine with a 16" barrel, and some decent peep sights. If you kept it all synthetic, a pistol grip and folding stock 16" version might be a great truck gun without being as ugly as the frankenstein beast jsut above (that wood front half and black back half jsut looks wrong, plus the full length barrel is completely out of proportion).

Some may ack "why bother, when you can already get a boltie in more effective calibers".

Well theres a few reasons:

1. I love the enfield action, but I dont care for .303 british.

2. I don't own any other .303 guns, and I don't plan to, but 7.62 russian? oh yeah. It's the ideal companion piece to this:

3. 7.62 russian is CHEAP.

4. AK mags. It will take the 10 rounder single stack, and can take the doublestacks with modificatiation. Theres just something useful about sharing your ammo, and your mags with your assault rifle (I want a Kel-Tec SU-16 for the same reason)

5. It just looks really cool, AND is highly functional at the same time. Can't beat that with a stick.

HT: The Mad Ogre

UPDATE: Reader Brad Tyler writes "I like my 7.62mm NATO FR-8 for the same job. Not as smooth an action as a Lee-Enfield but I can shoot cheap, accurate and powerful .308 instead of 7.62x39."

Oh you mean like this Brad?

These are newbuilt .308's using M14 mags(and I have a lot of both of those things, though never enough). The only problem with it is that it's a hell of a lot more expensive than the surplus rebuilds from Specialty Arms.