Monday, March 28, 2005

Tale of the tape - week 1

Well, it's been 72 hours since I made my decision, and started writing my post "Going on The Pill", and there's been some progress.

I've slowly eased into to the supplement stack over the last three days, and I'm up to full dosage as of this morning. When you start a supplement stack you need to load your system up to a maintenance level, or you won't absorb them properly.

I haven't deliberately changed my eating habits, but my appetite has fallen off CONSIDERABLY. I've probably eaten about half my normal intake over the last three days, and doubled my fluid intake (mostly water, but also diet soda), without really being more than a little hungry.

My energy is way up, with little stomach upset though there is always some; you wouldn't beleive the amount of sludge your body desides to dump when you go on a stack.

I've also been doing the calisthenics, and any time I have spare eneergy I'm going pushups.

Lemme tell you, my arms and chest are sore, but in a good way. I know how far to push, and when to back off. What's amazing (though I've experienced it before) is just how quickly you see an increase in tone. Literally overnight your body starts rebuilding your muscle tissue stronger, and I'm able to do more pushups without a problem.

What I'm really diappointed in, is how far I've let my stomach go. Even when I gained that first 60 pounds, I maintained a lot of muscle tone in my stomach (it's a martial arts thing), and when I'm doing my pushups it's a little depressing how the gut hangs. Ahh well, nothing to do but fix it right.

Tale of the tape:

03/25/2005 - Weight 370, waist 52", chest 56", neck 21" - 34% bodyfat

03/28/2005 - Weight 365, waist 52", chest 56", neck 21" - 34% bodyfat

I'm going to do this update every week, and we'll see how I do over the next year.