Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Frivolous disaster

I've been hanging out on my laptop mostly for the past few weeks, only getting on the desktop to play vid games.

Well I was a little tired of the crashtop (aptly named, it crashes constantly due to hardware problems), and I felt like listening to some of my vast and varied music collection.

Well here's the thing, my brother lived with me for about a month, and spent most of his time here downloading music and playing online poker. During that time he managed to multiply infect my computer with jsut about every type of spyware there is, and mroe than a few viruses. I THOUGHT that I had taken care of all of that, and that the dammage was minimal.

I was wrong.

More in the extended entry...

I started collecting MP3's in 1997 or '98 (whenever winamp 1.0 came out), eventuall amassing about 20,000. I've gotten rid of almsot all of my cd's becuase I've moved maybe 10 times in those 8 years, and I've lsot them, or theyve been stolen etc...

Anyway, theres a lot of music that was very difficult to find, amass, and organize.

And It's gone

Actually not all of it, only about 20gigs worth, some 4,000 songs. All of the songs in my main MP3 directory, and all my playlists, deleted.

The directories my brother stored his in, and the temp directories where I stick the songs in waiting to edit them (I'm anal about organizing my m3's. I like all my titles in the same format with correct id3 tags) are fine. All in all, about 2000 files left, but a lot of them are dupes or partials etc... Probably about 1000 actual songs.

My only hope for the rest of my collection is salvaging them off my MP3 player, which is on the fritz, and I don't remember if you can copy back off my player or not. Lord I hope so.

Playing right now: KRS one and Boogie Down Productions - My Philosophy