Tuesday, March 15, 2005


Yeah, I can see that. Not the politics, but some of the personality, the sexual compulsiveness, the risk taking, tempered with responsiblity and preparedness... Yeah, among American presidents I guess I'm most like JFK, or TR.

I have a lot of cowboy in me, but I'm alway ready for what could happen. I've always got the gear, the knowledge, the training etc.. People tell me I'm paranoid, but I just like to say I'm prepared. I'm not expecting trouble, but when it happens, I want to be ready.

The one thing I really hate, is not understanding whats going on. Not being on top of things. I dont mind the new and different, in fact I love it, it's challenging and interesting, but I have to figure things out, and get a handle on them. If I dont, I'll work at it until I do.

Yep; I'm an engineer, I'm a warrior, I'm an adventurer, and I'm a bit of a control freak (though not so much in romantic relationships) .

My personal philsophy; take every opportunity that comes by, and make every opportunity that you can.

Maybe this one is more appropriate:

You belong to the un-winged Nephilim!
You are the result of the angels of Heaven smiling
upon the daughters of Eva, though your
existence is offically denied in Heaven. You
often possess great strength in many ways, you
are well respected, though sometimes a little
feared among humanity. You are a born leader
and you posess the capability for great good as
well as for great evil. The choice is yours.

What kind of supernatural being are you?
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HT: Joan