Friday, March 25, 2005

Some Overdue BlogRoll additions

I dont usually announce additions to my blogroll, but I figured I shouldn probably toss these ones on the fire here so to speak.

First, I've read the AAAARGH! (AHA thedonovan )for quite some time, but never bothered blogrolling. Well I've been getting a lot of traffic from them lately so I figured, hmm, I should probably blogroll them.


Next, Says Uncle, same thing. Read forever, lots of traffic, you're blogrolled


Next up, snugg harbor. Hom is the sailor, home from the sea, and writing good stuff


David and Cheries new freedom blog started shwoing in my log,s so I started reading, and havent stopped


And finally I'm adding heads bunker, the firehand, because I think they's cool'n stuff


I'm pretty sure Im missing some folks, but I've been up since this time yesterday, and they arent in my logs right now.

Oh I know who Im thinkgin of but I cant remember his blogs URL right now, the frequent commenter, Robert.

UPDATE: That would be