Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Haloscan is barfing

You might have noticed, no comments are showing up on any threads. It looks like haloscan is screwing up for a bunch of people, and there doesnt seem to be anything I can do about it but wait.

Good news is, I have a copy of all the comments. THey arent lost, I can still see them in my admin interface, you jsut cant get to them from the main page.

I'm hoping they fix it soon. I don't mind a free service going down eveyr once in a while, but I'm a pro memeber. I actually paid for the privilige of not having ads, and to get a 10,000 word limit. It's kind of irritating when paid services dump like this.

UPDATE:Haloscan fixed the problem (mostly). Seems a server went down for about an hour, knocking a bunch of folks out. Not sure what's up with the message count, but at least the comments are back. Oh and reader AceGarp left a comment that was accidentally deleted, sorry about that.