Friday, March 04, 2005

Civil Disobedience

Samizdatan Dale Amon has said it better than I ever could:

Dear Sirs:

Should you attempt to overthrow the First Amendment on the internet, I will disobey.

I will not answer the court.

I refuse to pay fines.

I will organize civil disobedience against your Communist style election rules.

I will never, ever, submit to this attempt to destroy American liberty.

With utter enmity and ill will,

Dale Amon.

Live Free or Die.

The McCain Feingold campaign finance law is unconstitutional, and another step on the road to tyranny. It is, in present form, just able to be born; If the congress should attempt to extend it's powers even further, it is our duty as free men to disobey.

Let me explicitly state what this flag should make clear. Any attempt made to silence my political expression will be met with force, if necessary lethal force. I will accept the consequences of these actions, with the constitution, and inherent right as my defense.