Thursday, March 03, 2005

It's all about the Grovers

Haha, I broke 1000 uniques last night thanks to Kim, SondraK, and the redoubtable terpsboy.

Thanks Sondra and Roger.

Dunno if I've climbed in the TTLB rankings yet, they're still updating the database this morning.

So uh.... those articles that I've been promising for the last few days..... well I'm promising them again for today. Or rather I promise that they are all at least started, and I'm'na finish them as soon as I can.

Now some good real world news, it looks like I've got a new gig, or at least a temp to perm contract. I haven't recieved the official offer yet, but by the end of the interview yesterday afternoon we were talking about when I'd be coming in etc...

UPDATE: Whenever TTLB's update completes (N.Z. Bear is having DB problems), I will be firmly in the middle ofthe adorable rodents. In fact, I will be right around the popularity of BabyTrollBlog, which amazes me.