Wednesday, March 30, 2005

One More Sales Pitch

First of all guys, thank you so much for your support in the last couple weeks. I can't tell you how much it has helped, but I can say I've got my rent and bills covered for this month, with some money to eat on etc...

I'm still in the squeeze, but I have some breathing room now; from the sale, and from your generous donations, and I really appreciate it.

Ok now for the part that makes me feel a bit slimy, I still need to bank a bit more to make sure I dont go bankrupt before the end of the month.

So, I'm still selling the following items:

1. Smith & Wesson 686P : 7 shot, 2.5" barrel, boot grip. Almost brand new, with box and paperwork. Less than 100 rounds fired. Some very light surface scratches (from firing). Retail $669. Guns America prices vary from $420 to $575

I've had some interest in this, and got an offer a few days ago, but I haven't heard from the guy since, so I'm just putting it back up here.

2. Rado Sintra Platinum Chronograph which I have worn, but is in basically perfect condition because the thing is absolutely scratchproof. It's a titanium ceramic composite construction with a quartz crystal, platinum face, and saphire hands and markers. I don't have the box and papers for this, though I do have the extra links. Retail $2500, ebay and other auction prices vary from $1300-$1700.

Thankfully I won't need to sell any more guns, or any of the other stuff. If I can get these two items sold, hopefully I'll be worry free into next month, in case it takes a while longer for the new job to get going than they've been promising (I'm a bit paranoid after what I've had happen in the last few months).