Tuesday, March 15, 2005


Well, it's been one month today (actually about 8 hours from now), and I've had a hell of a lot of fun so far.

In the last month, I've had just under 10,000 uniques, and 18,000 page views. I've got 79 external links on TTLB, putting me 1925th by links, (a Marauding Marsupial); and 618 daily unique visitors (avg. 584 according to sitemeter) putting me 563rd by traffic, out of the 16,000 or so blogs that TTLB is tracking.

My two peak days were around 1500, and 2200 unique visitors respectively. The first was a secondary instalanche off of the Gullyborgs second carnival of cordite, and a front page link from Kim Du Toit on the same day. The second was from an instalanche on the Carnival of Cordite I hosted t'other day.

Let me just say thank you to everyone who's been reading me. I'm going to try and keep up the good work (or the bad depending on your point of view). I've been having a great time venting my spleen on the world, and hope to continue long into the future.

You might have noticed, I don't shy away from difficult and/or controversial subjects, my opinions are quite strongly held, and I'm pretty vocal in expressing them.

Heres a list of the titles that I'm currently working on (they're in the stack):

My Guns
Favorite Television Shows
Favorite Movies
Favorite Music
Favorite Books
Sleep Deprivation (something with which I'm intimately familiar)
The Most Dangerous Words in the English Language
Anarchy is Stupid and Dangerous
The Code Culture
The War on Boys (and Men)
Laws and Taxes
A couple more recipes for real men

I don't much care for writing to the headlines, though I'm often inspired by them (or more frequently inspired by someone else who was inspired by them). I've written a few pieces at the suggestion of readers, and I have a HUGE stack of things already written in another format that I'm going to put up, about geeky stuff, guns, and politics (my bread and butter so to speak).

So for now, I'm asking my readers, what would you like me to write about next?