Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Sensible Penis Control

I've recieved some TRULY fascinating responses from collectivist anti-liberty activists to "Why I Carry a Gun", and other liberty oriented posts I've made.

This one here, from Canadian RDK, absolutely takes the cake:
Come off it.

You are saying that you carry a gun because it gives you the power to kill someone and you get off on that power. That is sick.

How long until you use that power?

Are you sure that in the heat of the moment that you will use it properly?

If an innocent person or worse a innocent child dies because of he power that you are getting off on, can you live with that consequence?

End the culture of carrying a gun, have the USA join the ranks of civilized nations and eliminate or at least severely curtail handgun ownership by private individuals.
I always find it strange that only reasonable people agree with me.

My response in the extended entry...


You are a child molester who cannot control his urges to rape young boys because your penis compels you to it. I realize you haven't actually raped any young boys yet, but clearly, it's only a matter of time.

Because your penis is of course the cause of your horrible pedophilia, we are going to cut it off. In fact, because penises in general can cause people to be rapists and pedophiles (not to mention that nasty overpopulation thing), we are going to cut off all penises except for those specially licensed to own them, the police, and the military.

Although the police and the military will also be subject to this overwhelming urge to rape young boys because they have penises, they of course recieve special training from the government, which then certifies them to not be pedophiles.

For all others however, your penis will be removed, unless you recieve special permission from your local police, who will ensure that you have also recieved the special training necessary so that your penis does not force you to uncontrollably rape young boys.

I think we can all agree, its best that we do this for the children.