Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Gack... shitty day

Ok so first I get two hours sleep this morning, because my home AC guy needed to come and clean my ducts.

$200 too. The landlady is going to be thrilled aobut that I'm sure.

Then I go to the DMV, and it's going to be WEEKS before I can get this shit straightened out, and I'm sans vehicle till then. I have to fill out an investigation packet (7-10 days for them to send it to me), wait 4 weeks or so for their decision, than go before a hearing officer for his decision... all told they said it could be 7-10 weeks.

No car, in Arizona, in August and September, while trying to find a job. Yeah this pretty much sucks.

My stress relief for the day is shot because the NoR and Kimdutoit.com are donw all day for unspecified reasons "Kim is blaming the democrats" ;-)

And now my brother calls up, he's been robbed and I need to come over tomorrow to help fix stuff.

Fun day overall