Sunday, August 14, 2005

Rockstar INXS - J.D. Doesnt Suck

Ok so the assignment was to write a song together, and everyone else went and wrote a cheezzee consensus piece of fluff.

Well, J.D. hated it and wrote his own song that kind of kicked ass. He TRIED to get the rest of his team to go along with him, but because of his past hisory the team wasnt really going with him. Actually pretty much Jordis wasnt willing to even think about doing his thing, and Marty just kind of talked around the conflict, while as far as I can tell Jessica didn't say a word.

He made his team lose, but honestly I think it was his teams fault for not listening to him when he obviously had the better song.

He wrote by far the best song... In fact he wrote a song I could see INXS recording.

Not only that but his voice sounded great with it. I take back what I said last week about J.D. not having the voice for it. His problem isnt his voice, it's that he's overdoing it on stage. I'd love to hear him do something out of Elvises acoustic catalogue (he was an Elvis Impersonator at one point).

Kind of hard to make an argument against J.D.s choice really. Yes, teamwork is important, but if your team isnt treating you with respect, sometimes you just have to go with whats right even if it pisses everybody off. Of course how is the band going to take his unwillingness to work with the rest of his team... I dunno. If they review the tapes before they start making decisions I think maybe J.D. is going to GET credit rather than lose it.

Ok so we heard part of the song list for tuesday:

Mig - Peter Frampton, "Baby I love your way": Wow Mig was not happy about that song. I think he'll do a great job with it, but I'm not a big fan of the song, and obviously Mig agrees with me.

Marty - Britney Spears, "Hit me baby one more time": Oooh boy. Ok I guarantee you that was Dave fucking with him. From the little practice clip we saw, I think he'll do something cool with it.

Suzie - Sam Cooke, "Bring it on home to me": Great Song, she's fucked. McCartney couldnt do it, Eric Burdon couldnt do it, there aint no way Suzie is going to be able to do it.

We didnt hear the rest of the songs that they are getting, but so far the message boards (grain of salt etc... Talk about a trip into 5th grade there) are saying the following:

Ty - Rod Stewart, "Maggie May": Hmmmm..... okay it's not a hard song to do, I don't think it's a song thats all that great for Ty, but it may work. I mean they went for cheeze with Marty and Mig, why not for Ty as well.

Jordis - Unidentified Bob Dylan Song: Since we dont know what song it is, I cant really say anything except that when acoustic is the order of the day, it's hard to go wrong with Dylan. The man couldnt sing, but he wrote some of the best songs of all time.

Deanna - ???

J.D. - ???

Jessica - ???