Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Pop Star - INXS

What the fuck was that???

I was playing poker again so caught it on video (I wonder if I missed anything good there, I'll be playing again tomorrw during the show as well). but damn that just kind of sucked. I mean if I wanted to watch American Idol...

On to the reviews:

Ty - Rod Stewart, "Maggie May": Ok a bit too mcuh vibrato, but other than that pretty good. Kind of incongruous hearing that song coming out of somebody who looks like he should be singing "Firestarter" but hey.

Ty really does have a great voice, and he's got stage presence and energy. It's funny but just listening to it, it was kind of like Jackie Wilson doing Maggie May...

Suzie - Sam Cooke, "Bring it on Home to Me": Pretty good actually, she didn't QUITE get the soul into it that it needs, but actually it's better than McCartney did it. I think she knew how close to the edge she'd be on this one and she put jsut about everything she had into it. But not quite... Where is that last little bit Suzie, and what is it going to take to get it from you? Really this girl should be singing country.

Jordis - Bob Dylan, "Knockin on Heavens Door": Mariah Carey sings Dylan... What the hell was that? I mean yeah he voice is great, but I just HATED what she did with that song. I didn't think it was possible to entirely suck the soul out of that song, but she did it.

That said, I bet the voters love it.

Jessica - Natalie Imbruglia, "Torn": Honestly, I think the only reason to make her do this song is if they wanted to get rid of her. She did a great job with it (oh and DAMN THAT ASS... wow), but it's just a weak song. I actually LIKE the song, but it has no place in this lineup.

Marty - Britney Spears, "Baby One More Time": Uhhh DAMN! Channeling David Bowie there for a minute. Shit if I was a gay man I'd fuck him. And that screaming second verse... yeah that was actually damn good.

J.D. - Marianne Faithful "As Tears Go By": When I saw the song selection for this I kind of felt sorry for J.D. It's not the strongest song, kind of light weight really though the lyrics are actually quite personal and emotional. He did a great job with it, really it couldnt have been done better, it's just not a great song.I want to see somethign with more balls in it from him.

Deanna - Bonnie Raitt, "I Can't Make You Love Me": She did a great job with it, and damn the puppies were on full display wot. Kind of emblematic of her future on the show though. She really had the voice for it, and she did it great. You should be almsot crying by the end of the song, and she was just about there...

But I just don't think the voters are going to go for it.

Ok Marty gets my vote here. Mig and Ty turned in good performances, Suzie and Jordis did good enough to get by, and J.D. , Deanna, Jessica are on the block.

Personally I think Deanna did a better job than Jordis OR Suzie, but I'm guessing the voters will think differently.