Thursday, August 11, 2005

Rockstar Update

Well it turned out to be Brandon, Suzie, and Jessica...

Not a big surprise, they were my alternate pics. I was playing poker so I didnt see the show, but the performance videos...

Jessica - "Disappear" Honestly I thought Jessica was too upbeat, too thick, and too country with "Disappear". I love the song, and it's not supposed to sound like that. She rocked it without a doubt, it just didn't sound right to me. Ok but she definitely had the guts for it, she was singing as if her life dependind on it, and I can see keeping her.

Suzie - "Bitter Tears": Actually I really liked her doing this song; and I hadn't liked any of her performances so far all that much. She really got the guts into it after that first verse and just nailed it perfect the rest of the way. Definitely the best of the three.

Brandon - "Don't Lose Your Head": Sorry man... not bad, but not bad aint gonna do it when you're on the block, especially against the other two performances. That's too bad because Brandon was starting to grow on me. He was sharp in spots, flat in spots.. I think he muffed a couple of lines... Not only that, but Jessica was singing for her life, and Brandon just wasn't balls out like she was.

Let's see how they do on the acoustic only bit for next week. That's going to be very tough for Jessica, Suzie, Deanna, and J.D.

Lord I wish I could see their song options list...

The only way I can see Deanna not hitting the block is if she gets something very bluesy and emotional. Hmmm, actually I'd LOVE to hear Deanna try Allannah Myles "Black Velvet". She's great, I think she second only to Jordis among the women, but the acoustic week is jsut going to be killer without the right song.

J.D..... I don't think there's a thing he can do to avoid the block; he just doesn't have a voice for acoustic.

Jessica and Suzie... tossup there. If they find the right song then they're solid, if not...

This is going to be the week for Jordis I think. If she gets anything near a decent song she's jsut going to clean up.

Marty is probably going to hit something alt rock... I'd love to hear some Nick Cave, or Pogues thrown in there but I dont think they'd throw him a bone that big.

Mig didn't look happy when they said acoustic only next week, but the guy just has too much talent not to be safe in this group. I think what he'd REALLY like to be doing is something from the Queen catalog where he can showcase his vocal range, which is pretty damned impressive (anyone who can cover Freddie Mercury has to have a 4+ octave range).

I'm guessing Ty is going to look for something like "Tears in Heaven", something very emotional, and a ballsy choice. Tears in heaven in particular isnt a vocally difficult song, but it's so powerful and emotional that it really takes guts to sing it. The only way I can see him not being safe is if he gets TOO ambitious and can't pull it off.

Any way you slice it I'm guessing that Marty, Jordis, Ty, and Mig are safe next week, J.D. is on the block no matter what he does, and Deanna, Suzie and Jessica are down to song selection.