Sunday, August 14, 2005

Poker again

I'm in the hunt for a seat at the monthly, so I'm hitting the tables as much as I can; and of course boring y'all with the details.

So two main seatings tonight, and two mini-tournaments AKA losers tables.

In the first seating I made it to like 10th out of 24 (slow night) before I was taken out 2 pair to the straight. I thought he was bluffing on the king and ended up dumping on a 10k+ pot.

Oh well; it happens. I ended up taking a 30k+ lead on the mini-tournament and taking down my third loser table in a row. Knock up another 50 points.

Second seating was a bit bigger, I think we had 30 sit down. I quadded up, and so did another guy, then he knowked out two to double that. Theres six of us on both tables, and he's got me 100% dominated. So the betting goes around, and my stacks worth it in the pot, and everybody else gets pushed out on the flop but me and him.

I flop a set of 7s , and go all in.

He calls me with two pair.

I'm all set to take a commanding chip lead, and the fucker draws the boat on the river. Motherfucker.

So once again back to the "victory challenged" table, and after 2 hours of play and getting down to 500 at one point, I managed to end up 60k and take the table down again.

So thats 4 in a row, and I'm up to 800.

I've got Tuesday and Wednesday to catch up, two seatings and two losers each; so I SHOULD be able to make my 1000 by the time I leave for Jersey, but then I'm going to miss the next three torunaments. The good thing is there are three more after that before the end of the month.

Oh, and why am I so anxious to make the monthly? Well first of all, I like to win; but the prize kicks ass: An all expense paid seat in a three day WSOP sattelite tournament in Vegas.

Sure, I've been to vegas more than I can count, but to be able to sit in a cash tourney with a luxury hotel suite on someone elses dime? Oh hell yah.