Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Late to the party

For some reason the performance videos werent showing up til late for me, but here goes...

First thing, I like how they were all supporting each other tonight. And they all looked comfortable on stage together... except J.D.

After listening I may have to change my prediction, I'm not sure if J.D. or Deanna will be eliminated this week.

Mig - "Do or Die" : Ehhhh.... It's a saleable song, and Mig performed it extremely well; really getting his vocal range into play. Inxs clearly liked it, I didnt really. I'm guessing with a little tweaking actually I WOULD like it, maybe an arrangement thing. That said, if he doesnt get the encore I'd be very surprised.

Deanna - "My Truth" : I like it. Not very original, pretty straight forward blues based rock, but perfect for her voice, and her performance was perfect. Also note the HUGE smile on the bands face. I'm diggin it, she's working it...

She was better than Suzie, but I'm guessing the voting still puts her in the bottom three

Jordis - Aerosmith "Dream on" : For some reason her performance video isn't available, but fmr the reviews online ("wailing mad cow" etc...) looks like Jordis is on the block.

J.D. - Foreigner "Cold as Ice": Ok a little too much elvis, and not enough J.D. The women loved it, but I was unimpressed. Bottom three definitely.

Suzie - Rolling Stones "Start Me Up": All right I was impressed. Not perfect, but she relaly got into it and it was darn good. It might keep her out of the bottom three, actually considering Jordis, it almost certainly will.

Ty - Tina Turner/CCR "Proud Mary": Like I said, a gimme. Nuclear energy, big fuckin smile.. He's solid. No encore though.

Marty - Live "I Alone": Damn, alright I was wrong about Marty not having the vocal power or presence for the song. Twas good, but not quite perfect. When he got a little wild on stage, he got a bit too screechy and lost the tone of the tune. Definitely safe though.