Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Bad Beats


I was the third or fourth knockout both seatings tonight. It was so bad I didnt even sit the losers table...

Ok so first session goes around, and I'm just getting nothing. I take down one hand to double up early on, and that's it. The blinds are up to 100-200, and I'm sitting on like 5k.

Pocket comes up, and I get A-c and 9-d, so I call the 200, pot goes around, and we've got a family pot; 1400 on the table, and the flop comes out, 8-d 10-d j-d, I go in for 1000, and I get three callers. The A-d comes on the turn, and I check it, there's three others to check.

River comes Q-d, and I put in 500 representing weakness.

Yep, I've got a straight flush to the Queen, with the ace on the board. Only one card can beat me and it's the rarest fucking hand in poker. It goes around and everyone folds but one guy, and the bet comes to me at 3000 (the rest of my stack). There's no other callers, so I say "fuck it, I'm all in I don't think he's got the king".

I mean how can you fold a fucking straight flush? There's one card in the damn deck, hes got five times my stack, and he's probably trying to bet me out right?

He had the fucking king. Straight flush to the queen gets taken out royal flush.


The next seating I get in with Queen-10 when the flop comes out QJJ. Anyway I bet the pot up till I've got 3k in there (out of 5k stack) because hey, I've got queens and jacks. So a 5 comes out and I go all in on the turn, and I get a caller. We flip'em and hes got K-5 so I'm feeling good but nervous...

Until that fucking king came on the fucking river.

I was so disgusted I just went home after that. I didnt bother to stick around for the losers table.

Oh well, theres always tomorrow.