Thursday, August 11, 2005

10 Greatest Metal Bands of All Time

Okay so I'm watching the VH1 "100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock" for the umpteenth time, and I was thinking... okay what about jsut Metal.

I'm a hard core metal head, classic metal, progressive, speed metal, thrash metal... basically anything that isn't just power chords and screaming (sorry you death metal fans. Some of your stuff is fine but most is horrible shite).

Okay so ground rules.

1. Solo artists not allowed

2. This is my "definition" of metal:

Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Blue Cheer, and Blue Oyster Cult don't count (progressive blues, forerunners of metal, not metal yet). Metal wouldnt exist without them, but they aren't metal by this definition.

I AM counting Sabbath as metal however. There is no metal without sabbath, and althought Sabbath with Ozzy trod the edge of metal and blues, they created the entire genre of doom metal, and post Ozzy they got nothing but harder.

Also progressive metal (like Dream Theater), and altmetal/grunge metal count, but progressive hard rock, hard rock, hardcore punk (although I'm wavering on L7 and the MC5) etc.. don't.

I'm on the fence about industrial, goth metal, death metal etc... some of it is real metal some is more electronica... some it just screaming and power chords. Let's make it an artist by artist thing.

Some hairmetal yes, some no. Hell most of it was really hard rock anyway. Let me repeat this, hard rock is not metal. AC/DC, GnR, Crue etc... are not metal. Twisted Sister and Skid Row are right on the edge of real metal (but don't even TRY and tell me that Dee Snider and Sebastian Bach aren't metal), Whitesnake (though I love them and they kick ass) are NOT real metal.

Nu-metal (though I like some of it) is right out...

Well... except System of a down, and Disturbed maybe, and a couple of other bands that are more real metal than nu-metal. I'm thinking of Linkin Park shit whan I say it's right out.

4. They must have been around for at least 5 years, and really 10 to be serious about it. By that I mean they need to have produced an album before 2000, unless someone can tell me there some amazing metal band that transcends it's newness. Damageplan, Audioslave etc.. need not apply.

I DON'T mean they need to have been together for five or ten years. I'm not going to disqualify a spectacular single album band.

5. The criteria for "best" are as follows
  • Best Music
  • Biggest Impact on metal
  • "Most Metal"

Okay so here's my top five, but I'm having a hard time deciding on the sixth through tenth:

1. Black Sabbath
2. Metallica
3. Iron Maiden
4. Judas Preist
5. Megadeth

Honestly I don't think anyone who loves the whole world of metal would SERIOUSLY disagree with the top five above, except for re-arranging the order...

buuuuuut number six through ten.... honestly I can't decide. Motorhead is definitely up there, Anthrax, Slayer, Pantera... I could go deep into the 70s and pull out some diamondhead....

Okay I'm jsut gonna put up a list of the other metal bands I consider among the greatest, and let all of you decide. Or you can stick up your nominees... plus I want to see your picks in comments.

Hell, maybe you can change my mind about the top five. I doubt it, but you can try.

Heres the list in no particular order

Dream Theater
Faith no more (okay thats pushing it, they are on the edge between progressive rock and metal)
Korn (yeah, its pushing it, but I think they're real metal)
Alice in chains (prior to Jar of Flies they were real metal)
Soundgarden (prior to Superunkwnown they were real metal)
Mercyful fate (remember what I said about goth/industrial/deathmetal being on the borderline)
Uriah Heap
Scorpions (yeah they were the best of the '80s arena metal, come on you know it)
Kings X
Danzig (technically a band and not jsut Glen solo but I'm kind of wavering on that one).
Suicidal tendencies (oaky I know, more punk but still...)
Type O Negative
Sisters of Mercy
Napalm Death
Fear Factory
Rammstein (again, on the edge of metal, but I love them anyway)
Shadows Fall
System of a Down
Iced Earth

And finally...

Rage Against the Machine... Yeah I hate their politics, love the music, and yeah they are pushing the definition but I've got five words for you: Killing in the name of. If that aint metal what the fuck is?

Whaddya all think? Writing the lsit down got my head a little clearer, and I think I could pick my top ten, but I want to see what you guys think.