Thursday, August 04, 2005

Alright now, I hate reality TV...

But I used to love the band INXS, AND it's good to see some real rock and roll one one of these "make me a star" shows...

So on a tip from Bruce at Massbackwards (still struggling on in my home state, still coming close to moving to NH... come on Bruce, YOU CAN DOIT!!!.), I checked out the web clips of the songs for the last few weeks of rock star - INXS

Anyway, he's pointing out the talent of a certain Jordis Unga, a VERY beautiful (bi racial I think, and horrid hair but hey) and certainly very talented young lady with serious guts; BUT...

The songs she's singing aren't really the best for her voice.

Actually listening to most of them, I'd make the same criticism. There's a few serious standouts (Deanna for example has a voice much like Melissa Ethridge only shes better looking, with a hell of a lot more power and better tone; and she has chosen songs to highlight that), but I'm seing some decent vocal and stage talent that isnt making it with the songs they're chosing. Also some of them seem to be trying to get by on showmanship, good looks, and sex, which wont fly too long when you can't choose songs that highlight your assets and play down your weaknesses.

...Although I will give them credit for having the balls to try some of the songs they are going for, especially Jessica (who is also wonderful to look at - if a bit skinny, and who would be amazing singing Kim Carnes, Bonnie Tyler, Meatloaf etc...). I have done some of those songs on stage, and they are NOT easy...

Also almost all the women seem to have either pop, or country vocal style, timbre, and range, not a rock and roll style. In fact most of them don't really look all that comfortable doing rock... That said, I'm willing to bet they may get some pop and/or country interest out of this when they are elimintaed (you can just see the band off to the sides reaction to the ones I'm talking about).

One thing that bugs me, is that they are almost all overdoing the stage acting; which some of them can pull off, but most can't. Actually if J.D. would tone it done a bit, and drop a bit of the vocal drama he'd be close to the best out there. Hell, as he is he'd make a great metal lead.

To my mind the biggest exception to these criticisms is Ty, who has blown me away with all of his songs so far. If this kid doesn't get at least a record deal out of this, something is wrong with music... of course we all know something IS wrong with music, but hey, I can dream.

Ty and Jordis are making the songs work even though they AREN'T right for them, AND they have limited rehersal time AND the arrangements are funky, AND the production isnt optimal to their shows... and let me tell you folks, that's a pretty solid measure of talent. They both have presence, energy, sex, charisma... They've got the goods.

Oh and hey, whats up with all the Canadians? More than half the contestants seem to be canadian. Not that theres anything wrong with that. Oh yeah, and I think half the guys are gay.

At this point I think that Jordis, Ty, MiG, Deanna, Jessica, and Heather (who was already eliminated - she totally blew Sheryl Crows "If it makes you happy" which amazes me - but she's got the goods too.), are really going to see something from this, and some of the women are going to get something going just on looks and pop or country... protools and a hot body can do wonders.