Friday, August 26, 2005

Home Sweet Home

Well we pulled in at just past 11 Arizona time, after 13 hours on the road today. Subtracting 2 hours for food and fuel, and we've got 11 hours actual driving time for 775 miles.

Yeah we were cooking pretty good, expecially considering we spent over two hours either stopped, or at below 35mph because of construction delays.

Other than the scenery, which is always spectacular; and Jims repeated attemptes to kill us both (I honestly don't know why this guy still has a drivers license. He gets pulled over on average once a month, and he's one moving violation away from a permanent revocation), the only thing we saw of note was a gasoline tanker light his brakes on fire on southbound I-17 (a not infrequent occurance actually).

So the total mileage for the trip worked out to 2677, about 300 miles less than google thought it would be including the detour to Breckenridge; but about 200 miles more than jsut going straight through on 40 would have been. Hey, neither of us had seen Charlie (Jims brother) in years, so a couple hours driving and $20 of gas was well worth it.

Total Mileage: 2677
The total gas consumed: 97 Gallons
Average mpg: 27.6
Total time: 87 hours
Total average speed: 31 mph (rounded up)
Total driving hours: 45
Driving Average speed (including fuel and food stops): 60 mph

We had a lot of construction delays, or that average would have been considerably higher, but we did fairly well, and mostly we didnt push it.

Not wanting to do it agian any time soon though. Sleepy time now.