Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Rockstar INXS - Not what I was expecting.

Well this week was completely different, and not at all what I expected. Lets just go right into the songs:

Mig - Paul McCartney, "Live and Let Die": Ugh... What was that? The vibrato monster has arrived. Man he CAN screm well though. Just way too much vamping and screaming. Also the Tom Jones act doesn't do it for me. Wow he certainly can hold a note cant he (like I keep saying, he makes his living doing freddy mercury, and you have to be able to hold a note like that) I still can't believe he's straight... I don't like it, but I dunno if it'll get him a bottom nod. I THINK so, but I'm just not sure.

Jordis - John Lennon, "Imagine": Imagine Mariah Carey doing this song on prozac, with dreadlocks. Yeah that was it. Once again she manages to suck the soul and emotion completely out of a song while providing a perfectly lovely pop vocal. Oh and she looked great, but god that hair really is nasty. I'm guessing the 13 year old girl audience cohort loves it (and the band loved it too), so she's safe, but to my mind it was actually worst performance. You couldn't provide a better illustration of a cover that is wonderfully sung but completely awful.

Suzie - Queen, "Bohemian Rhapsody":Well, she looked great, and she opened it well. She got the power of it, but not the delicacy. She just doesnt have the tonal quality or breath control (Mercurys breath control was amazing). She screwed up the change into the first break, and didnt really pick it up from there. Really bad sour notes on the reach and she missed the key. She recovered a bit on the second break, and the audience was getting into it pretty well. I loved her facial expressions, and her stage presence was pretty good. Solid finish... Overall half decent sliding to very good, and with the difficulty of the song that may be enough. Hell I think she'll get the encore for it.

Ty - Rolling Stones, "Can't always get what you want": Wow, that was nothing like what I was thinking. Very good though. He really made it work like the front man for a Gospel choir piece (which is actually how Mick really wanted it to sound) VERY reminiscent of Sam Cooke , and his stage performance was pretty good. Maybe a little too much vamping there for a minute but he was having fun with it which I love. Oh and great fashion choice too, even with the hair. Check out J.D. doing the Stevie Wonder impersonation off to the side there... funny stuff.

Marty - Pink Floyd, "Wish You Were Here":I'm probably hardest to please on this song since it's one of my all time favorites, and it is a simple but difficult song (unlike BoRap which is just damned hard); but he nailed it lyrically. He was a BIT off key, and I'd have put a little more body and bass into it, and a bit more growl (and I did when I used to sing this song on stage), but he really did a good job. He also showed INXS that he could sing the softer stuff without screaming. His vocal quality here was completely different than in any of his other performances. I think it was the best performance, though both Ty and Suzie were far more animated.

J.D. - Elvis, "Suspicious Minds ": He blew it. He could have really put every ounce of soul into this one and he didnt get it at all. Yes he was vocally competent, and he was playing to the ladies very well, but he really didnt make this the standout he should have. The vibrato monster re-appears here as well. The only time I felt the song like I should have was in the speeded up last verse and chorus. Was it good? Yeah it was, but it wasn't great, and it should have been.

Well, who I think it SHOULD be in the bottom three is very different who I think WILL be.

I think the bottom three SHOULD be Jordis, J.D. and Mig; but I think Jordis is probably safe, and Suzie will get the bottom nod simply based on the audience not liking her that much.

As to who's eliminated, it will almost certainly be J.D. He just isn't the right singer for INXS.