Thursday, August 11, 2005

Shuffle up and deal

Did pretty well at poker night tonight.

In the first seating I was CRUSHED. After about 30 minutes I dropped a 12k pot small pair to big pair. Next hand I'm all in with 650 on pocket queens, 1500 in the pot chip leader calls it with an A-2, and he draws the ace on the river.

Ah well shit happens.

Second seating I was just dominant. I knocked 8 people out on my first table, and another 4 on the second. I end up starting the final table with 40k, two others on the table with a little less than me, and a the rest are small stacks.

I dont get a hand for like 15 hands, and the blinds go up to 2k-4k; theres some serious money in the pots, and I'm down to like 27k just from the blinds and a couple of calls. I take two more out, and now we're three way tied with three small stacks on the outs.

Two of them dump to Renee, my eventual heads up; and the blinds are 4 and 8 with 4 of us left on the table, one about to blind out. I bump him out on two pair; Renee takes 2/3 of the other womans stack, I get the rest, and we go heads up with her dominating me like 80k 40k.

Not a great situation.

Anyway I managed to beat her back till I was only down 10k, and she takes down a monster from me with pocket aces. By then the blinds are 10 and 20k. I'm big blind, and I go all in pre flop on A-10 suited, she calls it, I flop one short of the flush plus I pair the ace, and motherfucker but she ends up with two pair on the river.

So to make a short story even longer, I ended up in second, giving me a grand total of 700 points for the month so far. 1000 points gets me an alternate seat at the monthly tourney, and 2500 gives me a guaranteed seat.

I'll be able to hit maybe six more qualifiers for this month so I may make alternate, I may not; we shall see.