Monday, August 22, 2005

Springfield Ohio

We were hoping to make indy tonight, but we got a VERY late start (like 26 hours late), and didn't get on the highway in Jersey til noon.

We WERE going to get going around 5am... and I got up at 4:30, but lazy ass took too many painkillers the night before and I couldn't roll his ass out of bed til 10am. After the day before you'da thought he'd learned, but no...

Ahh well, he's my best friend.

The internet map says it was 580, but the odometer says it was 620, and I trust the wheels on the ground. We've averaged just over 60mph (including food and gas stops), and right around 30mpg. So far the lowest gas price we've seen was $2.51 and the highest was $2.91 (on the PA turnpike). No dead stops on the highway yet, and I've had to pull Jimmy down from 95-100 a couple times (he goes a bit nuts on the highway sometimes. He thinks it frikken deathrace 2000 or summat).

Interesting sights along the way so far? Well early on we watched a tank carrier light himself on fire (overheated brakes); and there were a couple of OTR trucks that clearly featured a somnabulant operator, but other than that nothing too weird yet.

Anyway, by about 10:00 we were about ready to hang it up. We're going to try to get going around 6 tomorrow and hope to make it out to around Tulsa (770mi). Jim thinks we MIGHT be able to make it to OKC (880mi), but we would be pretty wasted, so I don't think that's going to happen.

I havent heard from my girlfriend, and she doesnt have a phone at the moment so I can't call her. I love you honey and I hope everyone is OK.

Well, I'm off to sleep. Long day tomorrow... and the next day, and the day after that...