Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Live Bloggin - Rockstar

Sorry theres been nothing politicial or gun related lately, the inspiritation is on low at the moment. Time for some mindless entertainment...

So on to the live blogging:

Umm Brooke Burke, metal micromini and stiletto kneeboots? Oh yeah, Chris Want.

Suzy - R.E.M. "Losing My Religion" : That took some balls to choose, and Ok, it was kind of a cool arrangement. It very definitely highlighted her voice, but I wasn't that impressed.

Mig - Free, "All Right Now": Mig nailed it, again. This is getting monotonous. Considering this guy makes his living by covering Freddie fucking Mercury.. only one of the greatest rock vocalists of all time, none of this is surprisng. But I want to hear a song from him that I can actually FEEL HIM in, instead of just doing a well vocalized cover.

J.D. - Seal, "Crazy": Lots of emotion, also a very ballsy choice, and he got the guts into it; he just doesn't have the timbre for the song.

Jessica - Nirvana "Come as You Are": What the HELL was she thinking? She doesn't have the voice for this song at all, and she sounds like Cher on ludes singing it. Yeah she's gone this week.

Jordis - Eric Clapton, "Layla": Hmmm... you know, it sounded good, but she doesn't seem to be into it tonight. Just a little off her game, a little less energy than she's had before, and no snap on the backbeats... Oh but I love the corset dress; VERY tasty.

Brandon - Rolling Stones, "It's All Over Now": I dug it, he was kinda channeling Chris Robinson again, and maybe he was a bit too tight... I think maybe he was trying to be a little more controlled in his performance, and I would have rather seen a little more balls out. He got better towards the end though... I like it, but I dunno, we'll see.

Marty - The Killers, "Mr. Brightside": Yaknow, Martys voice just sucks, but it wasn't that bad for this song. The balls he threw into that were jsut great. I'd love to see this guy do something a little quirky.. maybe some madness, or blur, or somthing 90's angst rockish. I liked it, but I think he's gonna be on the block this week for sure.

Deanna - The Doobie Brothers, "Long Train Running": Okay, I'm a bit biased because I really like this song as done by the doobies, but I thought she did it cool. She really does have an amazing voice for blues, and blues inspired rock. She sounded a little rough and hoarse today, and the doobies were always smoothe, so I dont know how well it will go over. The dress great, but it would have been better without the pants underneath.

Ty - Bob Marley, "No Woman, No Cry": Okay he started slow on it; but as he sang he jsut fell right into the groove. He was somewhere else for a while and I LOVE that. He broke it down well into the bridge, but the closing wasn't as strong as I wanted to see. I think he's safe from the block this week.

Okay my guess is that this week will see Marty, J.D. and Jessica on the block, but it's just a guess; Suzy could be there instead, and maybe Brandon.

Oh and I'm still thinking that Ty is going to take this one all the way. Just looking at howthe band reacts to him, and how he works the crowd. I know Ty doesn't want to pigeonhole himself, but I REALLY want to see him do "Cult of Personality".

UPDATE: Looks like spoons shares the same diversions as I do