Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Woke up, got outa bed...

And fell right back in. I've got a fever and a nasty fire in the belly at the moment.

I think it's jsut stress. I was pulled over last night picking up my girlfriend (right turn at one of the few no-right-on-red intersections in the area. It was 1 am and I forgot about it completely), and I found out that my drivers license has been cancelled again. That's different than suspended, because I havent done anything wrong in Arizona, it's coming from another state. I dont know exactly what it is, but I suspect it's more identity theft bullshit coming out of Massachusetts.

I moved out of Mass years ago, BUT they say I had a ticket there, and a failure to appear for a year that I lived in California, and that I owe taxes and registration and a cancelled insurance fee for the years I lived in CA, and Ireland.

They say "Well it doesnt matter if it was you or not, your plate wasn't returned". I told them, "It wasnt me, and I can prove it. The state police got my plate because of the LAST time you suspended my license, registration and insurance for something I didnt do" (it was something my father did actually, and he has the same name as me, which used to happen with irritating frequency).

I've been going through this since '94. I had a car accident in OK city, which spread my belonings across I-40, and ever since then, every few months something comes up. I fix them, I put fraud alerts out, I do everythign the credit beureaus ask you to do to notify them and protect yourself etc... and still I get screwed over.

The state of Massachusetts doesnt care about evidence, they jsut want money from me. They are basically holding my DL as extorsion against them getting like $2k in taxes and fees. I even got them the state police report, and supposedly the dropped everythgin and removed the block.

SOOOO I reinstated my AZ DL last year, and got a new one.

Now they are telling me it was cancelled AGAIN last year, and I'm guessing it's the same bullshit.

The state of Massachusetts contracts out all its fine/fee collection services to a private company, and just like every other private debt collection agencey I've ever dealt with, even after you settle things in your favor, they keep posting the same wrong negative information automatically every three or six months. Its in the computer and it stays there forever, or until you sue them to get rid of it.

Believe me, I've been through it a dozen times.

Anyway the cop was cool, she didn't arrest me (she could have), she jsut took my plate and let my GF drive me home (I was two miles from my house).

So now I'm stuck in PHX with no vehicle, no job, and not enough cash to rectify the situation so I can get my vehicle back on the road to get a damned job...

AND I'm going to have to go to court, explain all this to a judge who will msot likely not give a shit and fine me a huge amount anyway because they hear so much bullshit they expect everyone to lie to them anyway.

This whole thing started more than ten years ago, with something I DIDN'T DO IN THE FIRST PLACE... GAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!

Somebody up there really hates me.

UPDATE: May or may not be just stress, I've got some little red spots popping out. Maybe I ate something I'm allergic to...?