Sunday, August 28, 2005

Quickie poker

I went out to Pker with Jim, JohnOC, and my brother last night, and I was doing real well for a while. I went up to about 30k; starting out the final table+1 player big stacked with blinds at 2 and 4k.

And I blinded out.

Ayup, I didnt catch a hand for 55 miniutes. We stayed 9 handed the entire time, until finally I was down to two big blinds, and I catch A-6.

So anyway I go all in with 8k and two callers, one with just 2k who was going out anyway. He's got shit, and the other guy has K-J.

Flop comes out, 8-5-6 and I'm a happy-ish man with a pair and the over.

Queen on the turn and I'm about to celebrate.

MOTHERFUCKER gets the king on the river.

Anyway I ended up 8th with 50 points. So I'm at 850, with only 150 to go. I've still got Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to play though, and Jim made 800 points last night so we're going to try and catch it in the next three days.