Thursday, August 04, 2005

Shuffle up and deal

Went to my weekly poker tourney last night. 4 seatings (two main tournaments, two consolation tournaments).

Both mains I ended up finishing in the middle (20th out of 48, and 18th out of 40). Both I only took down one real pot the entire time, for decent stack... and then never got another real hand until I blinded down to short stack, and busted out on an agressive play with a marginal beat (first was trip K's vs a small straight chased to the river, second was 9s and 3s vs Qs and 3s).


Thing is, I cleaned up in both consolation tournaments i.e. "losers tables". On the first loser I was in second place sa the time was rolling down, and I was out of the points hunt so I dumped it to the chip leader so she could get the points. On the second loser I took every stack on the table (7 stacks of 4k). Once I was big stack I was doing it mostly with mediocre cards, I was just betting right.

Then I went home, got online, and immediately took a first and a second place on pokerstars (I like the 45 man tourneys).

Obviously I can play the game, but it's pretty damn hard to win if you dont get SOMETHING to work with. I was literally in less than ten hands for both of those main seatings.