Thursday, August 25, 2005

Rock Star WTF???

Okay so I was right about Deanna being eliminated this week, but Deanna, Ty, and Marty on the block? Suzie gets the encore? WTF?

More and more I think the voting population is mostly 12 year old girls. Either that, or the voting is rigged for dramatic tensions cuz there is NO Ty or Marty belonged there (and the band agreed). Oh and Marty has more balls than I thought, I just wish he'd show it more.

Ok the performances:

Do we even need to have these performances? I mean we know that Ty is going to do a perfect arena rock bit Marty is going to do something different and cool and Deanna is going to make her song into a blues tune that INXS wont like.

Ty - "What You Need": This song is almost perfect for Ty (though Marty could have doen well with it too). High energy, balls out, big changes in phrasing and pitch... and he nails it.

Deanna - "Elegantly Wasted": Yeah... she's so got it, but it's not an INXS song when she sings it. Also a little off key in the harmonization, and iffy breath control. Sexy, great blues voice, but not right for INXS.

Marty - "Don't Change": I dug it. It sounded very little like an INXS song, but maybe thats a good thing. Soemtimes you want a Ripper owens, and sometimes you want a Sammy Haggar. He did tone it down a bit, and it worked for him (now if J.D. could do the same thing...)

Now will someone please tell me why Jordis and Suzie or J.D. weren't up there with Deanna? Deanna I understand, the crowd doesnt like her style, and she doesnt fit with INXS, the others... I keep coming back to thinking it was the producers creating tension.