Thursday, August 18, 2005

Tonight there's gonna be a jail break

As I've mentioned before, my best friend lives in New Jersey, at least for the next three days. I'm flying out there tonight to forcibly pry him from the clutches of vile statism, an escort him to his new life in sunny Arizona.

I get the pure joy of flying in to Newark at 2am, and spending a couple days in Jersey celebrating Jims birthday, before we make a break for freedom.

We will then proceed to make a high speed run in his SVT focus (very fun to drive car, but not really an interstate cruiser) across this fine nation of ours.

(pay attention jihadi fuckwits, this could be your chance...)

We're going to take I-70 out to St. louis, then 44 down to OKC, and finally run 40 out all the way to AZ.

Total distance: About 2500 miles
Total drive time (given a 50-62mph average speed): 40-50 hours
Total Trip time: I figure four days plus or minus. I've done it in less than 3 but that was unpleasant

Lord knows I've done this trip so many times I can do it with my eyes closed, plus the American interstate system isn't exactly difficult to navigate, but Jim's never done it before.

Besides... ROAD TRIP!!!

So lesse... the list of states we'll be passing through...

New Jersey
West Virgina (for all of 11 miles)
Illinois (is east St. Louis the biggest shithole in the entire country? Or is it Gary Indiana)
Texas (and you can damn well be sure we're gonna hit the big texan)
New Mexico

I expect we'll be back on Wednesday or thereabouts. We're going to make a speed run, but be will also be stopping with friends a few times along the way.

As to blogging, I'll be sure to post reports as and when possible. Obviously my internet access will be somewhat limited, though I may do some audioblogging or summat.

I took the precaution of shipping myself a couple of guns to travel with (yeah I could check them in baggage, but I REALLY don't want to go through that bullshit), and will be leaving a heavily armed housesitter, so no frikken funnybusiness.