Sunday, August 07, 2005

God damn tiny little bees

9 out of 20

Jesus h. Christ those things are tiny from 30 feet.

There's my target for Mr. Completelys first handgun E-post match.

The rule is 20 shots on this target (warning .pdf) at 10 yards, any part of the bug gets touched it's a hit.

I was planning on shooting this twice, once for .22, and once for .45; but I didnt get a chance to go to the range today like I had planned; so I did my favorite thing to do with my guns, I fired them inside my house...

Actually I can only do that with one of my guns, the Walther P22; because I have a suppressor for it, and a .22 bullet trap stuffed with wadding.

Of course I was using that Aguila SuperColibri stuff, which is pretty damned inaccurate as well, but really I dont think I could have shot the little walther much better with Eley super match. The can obscures a lot of your view, the sights aren't that great in the first place, and the front blade is significantly larger than the bee from 30 feet away.

Thinking about it, if I'd taken followup shots on the ones I'd missed, I probably could've corrected and made a few on the second shot, but the rule was to try to get a shot on each bug.

Oh and yes, I did make all 20 shots, the lower right hand shots were cropped out by my scanner, and since they were clean misses (both just to the right of the intended target), I didnt bother rescanning.

I should really try it again without the can, using the same ammo, then repeat with and without the can with a couple different loads just to understand the performance of the pistol a bit better, but I can't do that in my house.

Oh and yes, it's pretty damned quiet. It makes about the same amount of noise as throwing a pebble against concrete, or maybe snapping a pencil.